6 p.m.
WIAS, Erhard-Schmidt-Saal, Mohrenstra├če 39, 10117 Berlin
Anton Bovier (Bonn)

Adaptive dynamics, diploid models, and the escape from selection

Standard stochastic models of adaptive dynamics are based on haploid reproduction schemes. They are sometimes criticised for the difficulty to create genetic diversity. This can be traced to the fact that unless parameters are fine-tuned, times of fixation and extinctions are of the same order. We show that in diploid models, it fitter alleles are dominant, extinction times are dramatically increased. We show that, under reasonable assumptions, this can lead to the recovery of an initial unfit allele after the appearance of a second mutant allele, leading to the coexistence of two phenotypes without fine-tuning hypothesis. (joint work with Rebecca Neukirch and Loren Coquille)