5 p.m.
TU Berlin, Room MA 004, Straße des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin
Martin Barlow (University of British Columbia)

Stability of the elliptic Harnack Inequality

Following the work of Moser, as well as de Giorgi and Nash, Harnack inequalities have proved to be a powerful tool in PDE as well as in the study of the geometry of spaces. In the early 1990s Grigor'yan and Saloff-Coste gave a characterisation of the parabolic Harnack inequality (PHI). This characterisation implies that the PHI is stable under bounded perturbation of weights, as well as rough isometries. In this talk I will discuss the proof of the stability of the elliptic Harnack inequality.

This is joint work with Mathav Murugan (UBC).