Stochastics and Mathematical Finance in Berlin

With three major universities and several research centers including MATHEON and WIAS, Berlin is a leading center for pure and applied mathematics.  

The probability theory and statistics groups are an integral part of the Berlin mathematical community. They enjoy international visibility and offer a variety of classes for students at all levels. Below you find a list of the stochastics chairs with their respective research focus.

Stochastics and Mathematical Finance at Humboldt-Universität

  • Becherer, Dirk (Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance)
  • Horst, Ulrich (Applied Mathematical Finance)
  • Kreher, Dörte (Applied Stochastic Analysis)
  • Reiß, Markus (Mathematical Statistics)
  • Spokoiny, Vladimir (Applied Statistics)

Stochastics and Mathematical Finance at Technische Universität

  • Bank, Peter (Mathematical Finance)
  • Blath, Jochen (Stochastic Processes and Applications)
  • Deuschel, Jean-Dominique (Interacting Partical Systems)
  • Friz, Peter (Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance)
  • König, Wolfgang (Probability Theory)
  • Kurt, Noemi (Stochastics and Applications)
  • Scheutzow, Michael (Stochastic Analysis)
  • Stannat, Wilhelm (Stochastics and Stochastic Processes)