Mathematical Finance Seminar
HUB; RUD 25; 1.115
Wilfried Kuissi Kamdem (AIMS)

Optimal consumption with labor income and borrowing constraints for recursive preferences

In this talk, we present an optimal consumption and investment problem for an investor with liquidity constraints who has isoelastic recursive Epstein-Zin utility preferences and re- ceives a stochastic stream of income. We characterize the optimal consumption strategy as well as the terminal wealth for recursive utility under dynamic liquidity constraints, which pre- vent the investor to borrow against his stochastic future income. Using duality and backward SDE methods in a possibly non-Markovian diffusion model for the financial market, this gives rise to an interplay of singular control and optimal stopping problems. Our analysis extends to more general liquidity constraints. (Joint work with Dirk Becherer and Olivier Menoukeu Pamen)