Mathematical Finance Seminar
HUB; RUD 25; 1.115
Philipp Jettkant (University of Oxford)

On two Formulations of McKean–Vlasov Control with Killing

We study a McKean–Vlasov control problem with killing and common noise. The particles in this control model live on the real line and are killed at a positive intensity whenever they are in the negative half-line. Accordingly, the interaction between particles occurs through the subprobability distribution of the living particles. We establish the existence of an optimal semiclosed-loop control that only depends on the particles’ location and not their cumulative intensity. This problem cannot be addressed through classical mimicking arguments, because the particles’ subprobability distribution cannot be reconstructed from their location alone. Instead, we represent optimal controls in terms of the solutions to semilinear BSPDEs and show those solutions do not depend on the intensity variable.